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Math Homework Is Important - It Can When You Least Expect It
Math Homework Is Important - It Can When You Least Expect It
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It also makes it easier for your child to understand re-grouping, as when we add 17 and 26. There is no need for long explanations because the answer becomes obvious.      The seventh idea for 10 ways to make learning math more fun is to let them help you cook. This will teach them about measurement, and how different cooking measurements are different than normal measurements.      While learning to add, divide, multiply, and subtract, young learners can jump around like monkeys, fight off aliens, and collect delicious fruit among other activities. In the best apps, the users are so enthralled by the game that they forget they are actually picking up invaluable math facts along the way.      You can use various objects around the house: cups, spoons, towels or toys, to make it more interesting. Practice till you are sure that your child understands that numbers refer to the quantity of the objects in a group. With a strong number sense, your child will be better able to understand complicated Math problems in school.      Board games are also great ideas to making math fun. Monopoly is one of the board games that can help you teach your child math. It usually involves buying, selling and renting properties and helps your child calculate money, do some problem solving and improve their tactical abilities.      Test yourself quickly to see if you can do math. Here is a simple test. If you cannot work out math formulas, or they do not make sense, figure out the way you learn to solve problems. Do you get the same answer as those who use a mathematical formula? Then congratulate yourself. You know math in a way that reflects your thinking, not another pat method. Now you can know that when you figure out a chess strategy using your math skills, as long as they are based on true math, you can be confident you will have an effective winning strategy. Keep working your chess strategy until it becomes effective every time you use it.      Link math to real life. In making math fun, sometimes you just have to make your children understand the meaning of the numbers they learn from school to make it fun for them. You can go to shopping together and make her add the prices of the items you are purchasing. This can also help her in learning rounding off numbers as well as subtraction. Going to the grocery together allow you to train her how to weigh grocery items, calculate their costs and learn budgeting.      Play this family game: Draw a number line with ten or more numbers on it. Each person gets a chance to choose two numbers on the line. The next person has to make a "bigger than" or "smaller than" statement with the numbers. Also use terms like "larger than", "more than" and "less than". Make some deliberate mistakes to see if your child can spot them!      Find your perfect Math-Mate! Maybe it's a parent, a family member, a friend, or a tutor. Someone that is passionate about math, patient and a great teacher.

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